Ima--SG--nation4 by Erwin JK
Ima–SG–nation4, a photo by Erwin JK on Flickr.

Ima--SG--nation3 by Erwin JK
Ima–SG–nation3, a photo by Erwin JK on Flickr.

Ima--SG--nation2 by Erwin JK
Ima–SG–nation2, a photo by Erwin JK on Flickr.

Ha! [Pt. 2]

Ha! [Pt. 1]

Series of my Vietnam (Hanoi – Halong) travel video. Check them out!

We The People Of…

We live, we co-exist, we respect.

The Good Days

Class of 2011. Peers. Memories.

Showreel 2010/2011

Finally I updated my showreel. Please do check it out. Cheers!

Tangerine Dreams

“Tangerine Dreams” was produced for my Final Year Project in 2011.
In a larger scale, seeing life from different perspectives embraces people’s attitudes towards their lives, which determine their life paths and success.
“A better appreciation of life is suggestive of their dream and imaginations.”

NAFA Open House 2011 Web Promo

This video is a multimedia ad to promote NAFA Open House 2011 which has already been held last January 2011.
NAFA stands for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, an established arts institution based in Singapore. It offers various arts courses designated in different departments such as Theatre, 3D Design, Fashion, Music, Design & Media, Dance, Arts Management and of course Fine Arts.

Back in the U.S.S.R Visualization

Inspired by The Beatles’ song, Back in the U.S.S.R, I created a visualization using cartoon elements related to the song. It is a combination of 3D (the B.O.A.C airplane) and 2D elements.

The Mastermind

Who likes war? Who expects war to happen? I bet no one. But for some of us, war is just like a game, for their own sake. The masterminds behind every war who started something that have created chaos all over the world, destroyed humanity.

Facial Expression

This is my hand-drawn drawing of my face expressions. I used my photos as reference. Final then enhanced in Photoshop.
Initially completed in February 2009.
School project.

Neo Nazi

"Greenhouse Effect"

NAZI Hitler’s infamous mass-murdering the Jews in a gas chamber “inspired” me to make this. Using machine’s parts, exhausts and gas masks to create a so-called “cyborgs” which represent the pollution in this world. The CO2, pollutants and hazardous gasses trapped in the atmosphere, increasing the earth’s temperature and slowly-but-sure destroy this world and all the inhabitants, unless we DO SOMETHING to stop it.

Note: Some of the body parts are taken from stock images, some are own photos.

Down of Liberty

There's no infinite liberty.

“When liberty and human rights are always used as justification to legalize almost everything and with intention to gain advantages, it will only lead to destruction. And the absence of moral responsibility that should underlies every action accommodates the evil geniuses. “

This artwork was done in 2008, depicting the downfall of the Statue of Liberty as symbol of freedom which has become an irony of the freedom itself.
Software used: Adobe Photoshop

The Big MerMad

Colour rendition of the Big MerMad doodle.

The Ostrich

Ostrich is starving to death. So, stones and even her own eggs feed her.

This artwork was actually submitted as part of Gambit Summer Internship program test. Honestly, the first time I heard the name of Edward Gorey. Yes, he has such a distinct style which I like! It’s a pleasure having tried out his style. Well, this might be different from his style, but trust me, I did research on his works and I tried it out!


Combining a series of “Galaxy” visuals, I composed the visual with Linkin Park’s “Wretches and King” song. I extracted only part of the song, not the whole song.

About punkdev

Simply: "My life has never been this good since I first met art." Based in Singapore, I'm currently working as compositor/animator in Moving Bits (which also has office in the US). "Jagad Khayal" is the Indonesian expression to refer to "The Imaginative Universe".

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