Ha! [Pt. 2]

OK, here is the part 2 of “Ha!” travel video. As I’ve mentioned before, part 2 shows the magnificent landscape of Halong Bay, Vietnam. I embarked on this trip with a friend from Hanoi, for 3 days and 2 night, including one night overstay at Cat Ba Island. It was such a wonderful experience that I had, and the whole place is in stark contrast to Hanoi with its frenetic traffic, crowds and noise. Our best travel companion was a couple (newly-wed apparently) from Spain and of course, the friendly guide. They’re credited at the end of the video. There were 2 young couple from England and Italy, 4 American travelers and an elderly Indonesian couple. Despite a minor incident during one of the activities, we wrapped the whole trip and safely back to Hanoi where we continued to our own destinations.

Gears: Panasonic Lumix GH2, GoPro HD Hero 2
Editing & color correction: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Music: Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes