Quinn – NAFA Open House mascot

"It's show time!"

Inspired by art mannequin, this character appears on NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) Open House 2011 multimedia ad. He is a true performer, adventurous, cheerful as well as a keen learner.

NAFA Open House was held on 14 to 15 January 2011.


The Superhero

"I'll be the one who saves the day!"

Another character from my 2D Flash animation titled “Neglect”. His formal profession is actually a supervisor who overlooks everything in construction site. But when accident occurs in the construction site, he’s the one who saves the day.

The Worker

"Why follow the rules if we can do it faster by not obeying it?"

A character designed for Flash 2D animation, about a careless worker in a construction site whose neglectful attitude over working procedure leads to a disastrous event.

The Quirkz

This artwork consists of character doodles proposed for a short animation. Since none of the character was approved, it’s kinda wasted if they’re not used for any artwork. Therefore I came up with an idea to create a composition with a basic shading and adding textured BG (stock photo).

So, there it is: The Quirkz!

There is always place for the alienated.

The Mastermind

War is just a game.

Who likes war? Who expects war to happen? I bet no one, except for this General Orilla which like some “others”, war is a game. The masterminds behind every war, who started something that have created chaos all over the world, destroy humanity.

The Big MerMad // Mermaid remake

Colour rendition of the Big MerMad doodle (below), done in 2011.

Another character remake doodle (first done in 2009) of original character created by my friend, Tan Wey Zhen.
Alternative name: The Big MerMad