Face Xpression X-treme

This is the last version of Face Xpression series. Based on the previous two Face Xpression drawings, this is the cartoon figures version.
Initially completed in February 2009.
School project

Face Xpression No.2

Cartoon version of Face Xpression No. 1, also in pencil and pen then enhanced in Photoshop.
Initially completed in February 2009.
School project.

Face Xpression no.1

This is my hand-drawn drawing of my face expressions. I used my photos as reference. Final then enhanced in Photoshop.
Initially completed in February 2009.
School project.

Down of Liberty

There’s no infinite liberty.

“When liberty and human rights are always used as justification to legalize almost everything and with intention to gain advantages, it will only lead to destruction. And the absence of moral responsibility that should underlies every action accommodates the evil geniuses. ”

This artwork was done in 2008, depicting the downfall of the Statue of Liberty as symbol of freedom which has become an irony of the freedom itself.
Software used: Adobe Photoshop

The Big MerMad // Mermaid remake

Colour rendition of the Big MerMad doodle (below), done in 2011.

Another character remake doodle (first done in 2009) of original character created by my friend, Tan Wey Zhen.
Alternative name: The Big MerMad

The Story of Zack

The death of his beloved Grandpa has caused an absurd but reasonable phobia of balloon to Zack. Living like the only one in the world, a hidden part of his heart rebels against the rebellious punk in search of someone whom he actually has been admiring since long time ago. But that’s not that easy because of the phobia that he has.
Nevertheless, a lot of unknown childhood memories and side stories somehow relate the two different personalities.

Don’t Ignore Me

“I put a lot of colour on me, to catch your attention. Please, don’t ignore me…”

Done in Corel Painter. Experiment on style for my self-portrait.