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Project Inspire – PSA Video

“What would you do with 5 minutes? Join Project Inspire: 5 Minutes to Change the World to help make a better world for women and girls in the region.
Project Inspire is a joint initiative from the Singapore Committee for UN Women and MasterCard, and supported by SupermodelMe.”

Motion graphics: Erwin Julierstersen Kopeng
Editing: Kelvin Lim

Project Inspire PSA

NAFA Open House 2011 Web Promo

This video is a multimedia ad to promote NAFA Open House 2011 which has already been held last January 2011.

NAFA stands for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, an established arts institution based in Singapore. It offers various arts courses designated in different departments such as Theatre, 3D Design, Fashion, Music, Design & Media, Dance, Arts Management and of course Fine Arts.

The Ostrich

Ostrich is starving to death. So, stones and even her own eggs feed her.

This artwork was actually submitted as part of Gambit Summer Internship program test. Honestly, the first time I heard the name of Edward Gorey. Yes, he has such a distinct style which I like! It’s a pleasure having tried out his style. Well, this might be different from his style, but trust me, I did research on his works and I tried it out!

Thank You, MTV Asia!

Finally I had the chance to create outer space and galaxy. Yes, they were the concept for this LED GFX, where in the original clip you’d see outer space, planets, light streaks, meteors and planet explosion! Yes, REVOLUSI (eng: Revolution)! This is the title of the song by Bunkface, a Malaysian band.
Too bad that I couldn’t find the uncut performance-clip from the same event, MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010. This is the only video showing a part of the LED GFX. The planet explosion is shown in the chorus part of the song.

Thank You, MTV Asia!

During the internship, I was given the chance to create the countdown animation for MTV World Stage – Live in Malaysia 2010.
It was a 30 seconds countdown, created using Adobe After Effects.
Artworks created by Phunk Studio – Singapore.
Event of MTV Network Asia (Southeast Asia) – Singapore