In high standard, there’s always quality. In double standard, there’s only partiality.


The Credit

She’s wedded but the sky is blue
Give credit where it’s due.

The Question

There she is

The written words, the beginning
The spoken greetings, the introduction;

There she is

The written words, the conversation
The spoken words, the charm;

There she is

The written words, the anxiety
The spoken words, the expectation;

To be expected, her words
Intoxicated, I was.

Is she there? 

The Doubters

Doubt the doubts
Ignore the ignorance;

Tout the rout
Entertain the disdain;

You’re down on your own
But you shouldn’t fall after all.

Doubt the doubters.

– Aug 7th, 2014

World Peace

World peace… Destiny or a call to faith?
Peace… Everyone’s longing to it
Peace… Does it seem to be far-fetched?
Peace… Everyone wants it

A piece of world.

– Jul 30th, 2014

A Knight

Laugh at the first sigh
Lust at the first sight
Lost at the first fight
Left at the first right.

I guess I was right
Loser will never be a knight.

-Jul 23rd, 2014