The Credit

She’s wedded but the sky is blue
Give credit where it’s due.


The Question

There she is

The written words, the beginning
The spoken greetings, the introduction;

There she is

The written words, the conversation
The spoken words, the charm;

There she is

The written words, the anxiety
The spoken words, the expectation;

To be expected, her words
Intoxicated, I was.

Is she there? 

World Peace

World peace… Destiny or a call to faith?
Peace… Everyone’s longing to it
Peace… Does it seem to be far-fetched?
Peace… Everyone wants it

A piece of world.

– Jul 30th, 2014

A Knight

Laugh at the first sigh
Lust at the first sight
Lost at the first fight
Left at the first right.

I guess I was right
Loser will never be a knight.

-Jul 23rd, 2014


Something crosses one’s mind, it is a sense of conjecture
Somebody crosses one’s line, it leads to confrontation
Someone crosses one’s path, it may be coincidence.

– Feb 4th, 2014